Another Wownero Minetest Mod Update

A while back, I gave a brief update on the Wownero Minetest Mod. At any rate, development has been slow, but the mod is now sufficiently featured to be worth using. Here’s a current list of features copy/pasted from the README file on github.

  • Wownero ore
  • Wownero coins
    • Coins are mine-able as ore or “mine-able” as random drops using a special pickaxe
    • Coins can be baked in a furnace to create edible coins that give temporary speed/jump boost when eaten
  • A special pickaxe
    • Mining with pickaxe gives a small chance of dropping Wownero coins
    • Crafting: Any pick + WOW coin (shapeless)
    • New setting and ‘coin fragments’ allow for better implementation on pre-existing worlds/servers (see config.lua for settings).
    • NOTE: The wownero coin drop-rate is currently unbalanced with the pickaxe wear, etc. This means that, in its current state, this mechanic will inevitably lead to high levels of monetary inflation on a server environment. On the current settings, the pickaxe will drop 3 coins every 300 blocks broken. One pickaxe will break 182 blocks. Thus, the cost-per-drop is about 1.6 coins in crafting costs for the picks, meaning that players will earn, on average, 1.4 coins in profit every drop.
  • Donate Signs
    • Players can place signs containing their wallet address to allow for donations of real WOW outside of the game.
    • Crafting: Wooden sign + WOW coin (shapeless)
    • Minor bug: When a player is editing a sign, it’s possible for another player to click on the same sign and receive the same edit privileges as the sign-owner.
  • Shop node
    • Shop nodes make it easy to sell items for WOW coins
    • Operate as vending machines and may be set up and checked periodically
    • Crafting: Locked chest + WOW coin (shapeless)

Thanks to all who contributed to make this project possible! It has been a lot of fun.