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Started by cyerg, Oct 08, 2021, 03:02 PM

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Hello. I just synced the command wallet for the first time. Now I am lost. It says to go to help to see command list but there isn't anything about balance, sending, receiving, even logging into my account.. please help. Thanks!


Are you sure you're using the command-line wallet and not the command-line daemon?
The daemon is called "wownerod", the wallet "wownero-cli".
You need the daemon running in order to use the wallet.



I just download the command wallet on PureOS Linux laptop. Sorry if this sound like a silly question, but this is my first time downloading a command wallet and i am very new to Linux. I want to ask, how do I start both the "wownerod" & the "wownero-cli", as I have no clue how to start them up.

Thank you in advance for help :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome sc87returns!
You can start both wownero-wallet-cli and wownerod by opening terminal on the current directory (on most graphical linux distros, you do this by rightclicking and then clicking on "open in terminal"), then type `./wownerod` or `./wownero-wallet-cli` and run the command by pressing Enter.


Thanks you for help :slight_smile:
By the way, how do I restore with seed keys? as I cannot find the commands for that.


Hi @sc87returns , welcome to the Wownero community!
Try this command to restore from seed phrase

./wownero-wallet-cli --restore-from-seed


./wownero-wallet-cli --restore-deterministic-wallet


Hello sir,
can you tell me if, by syncing wonerod, any thing is stored in a file on your computer? Like the blockchain or something. Do the folders containing wownerod, wownero-cli, etc have to maintain the same location on the computers in order to work. Can I have them on external storage and plug in any computer. Does it have to maintain the original path?


Running `wownerod` will sync the blockchain. This blockchain will be stored on your computer. The location depends on your operating system.

- Mac OS and Linux: `~/.wownero`
- Windows: `C:\ProgramData\Wownero\` (I think)

To point to a custom blockchain directory, start `wownerod` with the `--data-dir \path\to\new\dir` option.

In addition, you can use `wownero-wallet-cli` from any location on your system. The only thing that is important is that `wownerod` is also running.

Alternatively `-cli` can connect to a remote node so you can access your wallet without having to run `wownerod` in the background.


Thank you very much! This is exactly what I needed to know.