Look at ARRR devs banning me for saying my opinion

Started by _xxfedexx, Sep 12, 2021, 09:29 AM

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My message to ARRR devs:
*So, i've been banned for saying my opinion and some facts? Do you know what i love about Wownero? One guy once sent Anti-Wow memes, and he didn't got banned or removed. Everybody can have their own personal opinion there. But ARRR no, ARRR is dictatorship of their devs that use it to earn and don't care about people. You banned me for "breaking the rules", but rules don't state that having an opinion is not allowed.*


Yeah PirateCoin seems really scammy. I think anyone promoting it is either deluded or in on the scam.

Meanwhile us WOWers are just out to have fun :)


As a holder of multiple privacy coins, I'm not surprised. Posting stupid FUD on a coin's chat deserves to get banned. Everything you said is childish bullshit easily refuted making your 'opinion' worthless.


Technically it wasn't an instamine but for me personally I'm not interested in a coin that was 90% mined within the first 3 years of it's existence on empty blocks. That's the definition of a front loaded emission. It is also a trusted setup. I still think it'll probably end up doing quite well but it isn't for me.


lol, in fact it was a fair release, and is well distributed due to being the most profitable coin to mine for years and high trading turnover. Front loaded emission? lol. The trusted set up FUD is retarded. 87 people would have to collude and some have already burned their keys so it is impossible to  break. Being married to a meme coin won't get you far.


Quote from: "asymptotically, post:2, topic:916"Meanwhile us WOWers are just out to have fun

Yes indeed!

I'm totally into this project for fun and for learning about mining, XMrig, Linux, Ubuntu, XMrig Proxy etc...

This community is really awesome and super helpful. I'm having fun setting up some old PCs to CPU mine this coin to help secure the network and hopefully win some Wownero (if I'm lucky).

I will keep 'spinning the wheel' of luck and support this project that is IMO one of the most fair mined Proof-Of-Work coin projects in the crypto-universe today with the added bonus of Monero-inspired privacy.


So you didn't refute anything I said. It is a fact that it's a front loaded emission and it's a trusted setup. I don't care if 87 people would've had to collude and I'm not married to a meme coin you're making a totally baseless assumption (and by the way I have % wise very little of my capital in Wownero I'm mainly a miner).


For the record, 87 nodes could easily be ran by 1 person.You would have to **trust the Pirate Chain devs** what they say is true and that they've kept their promise of destroying the master keys that could **print unlimited ARRR out of thin air (brrrrrrrrrrrrr)** (and no one would know about it).

Besides the unfair fast emission of 90%+ in 3 years (that's more supply dilution than Bitcoin in 12 years!), the Pirate Chain devs **secretly insta-mined for a whole week** before a Komodo dev altered the testnet announcement on BitcoinTalk](https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4979549.msg45202968#msg45202968)  ([Block 1 was mined on Aug 29, 2018.


Lol, the double secret insta mine!!!! That deserves a Wow!


There's nothing to refute, your FUD is a non-issue. Even daddy wow, Monero, acknowledges Pirate Chain is the superior tech. Perhaps you had better wait 20 minutes before replying ROFLMAO.


It's objectively a trusted setup and like wowario said 90% percent has been mined in just 3 years. It's clear that you're projecting since you're the one on a Wownero forum defending PirateChain like it's your wife (while accusing me of being married to Wownero lol...). I'm objective and I have no problem admitting that Pirate has superior privacy - it's a totally hidden blockchain.


Quote from: "jdpriddle, post:3, topic:916"Posting stupid FUD on a coin's chat deserves to get banned

Yes everywhere should be an echo chamber!


Just to have fun ? Bullshit. You are here to make some money !Like the rest of us.


Quote from: "lazy60, post:13, topic:916"You are here to make some money

loll.. sir.. this is wownero.


Wownero is for laundering money from illegal memes.