How to mine with Wowlet

Started by wowario, May 16, 2021, 07:04 AM

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**Warning: this post is outdated. After the hard fork of the 4th of July 2021, only solo-mining is possible via the `wownerod` binary. There is information about this in another thread.**

1. Download install latest version of Wowlet

2. Open Wowlet, click on "View", click on "Show Mining"


3. Click on "Mining" tab


4. Click on "Downloads" tab


5. Right click on the file for your operating system, select "Download file", you will get a warning that an external window will be opened, click OK, select Save File, click OK.


6. Open download archive, extract files to your preferred location, click Close


7. Click "Settings" tab, click "Browse", navigate to the folder of where you extracted the files above


8. Click on "xmrig" and then click Open


9. Click on "Receive" tap, right click on any sub-address, and select "Copy address"


10. Go back to "Mining" tab and paste your address in "Receiving address" field. Add a "username" to the end of address, by adding a period at the end of the address and any name for the miner. It can be whatever name you want. `ADDRESS.USERNAME`

11. You can adjust the number of threads to mine with sliding bar, if you do not know how many threads your CPU can handle, just leave it at 2. The "Password" part can be removed or left as wowlet.

12. Click on "Mining" tab and then click on "Start mining"


13. To have an estimate how much and when mining rewards are paid out, go to and enter your miner's username. You could also checkout the progress leader-board to see how your miner ranks against other miners.


I love the feature and already tried it out but it wouldn't use the xmrig executable. No biggie though. I used xmrig in Powershell with no problem. I do think I'll have to accept that my personal computer is a bit underwhelming mining-wise.

I hope this tutorial helps someone new get started.


Hi @wowario, this is an excellent step-by-step guide to help newbies get started with mining via Wowlet.

With the upcoming hard fork on 4th July, can you please update this post for solo mining as the section about mining with a pool ( will no longer be relevant?

Thanks for posting this.


Yes, this guide is now out of date. I'll update it once (if) wowlet mining feature is updated.


Which guide is up to date? Not this one it says.
And not this one? Because it doesnt use wowlet.

It said on github that wowlet should now be able to understand its own config for mining which makes much sense, but it doesnt for me.
Is it possible to update the config?
Mining Wow is much confusing compare to Monero.
Sorry about the terrible english, Im on a useless Mac.