Wownero on hive os?

Started by Skimpityskiiimp, Jul 29, 2021, 04:31 AM

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i used to mine WOW on hive os with pool mining, now that we have switched to solo mining, i was wondering if there is anyway to install the on hive os? or what "miner" do i use to log into the node network? "help"


Hey bro I recently made a video for this on youtube, I combined how to do it on windows 10 and hive os. However, I did not download my node on hive os (idk how) so I'm using a Windows computer for my wownerod node (you need this in order to connect your miners to the blockchain) and having my hive os machines with my ipv4:34568 from the host machine as my url etc etc. if you are confused you can watch through the windows 10 part too and focus on the part where i was downloading wownerod, you will need a bat file for it and open that instead of the exe file itself. I hope my video will be useful to you.