Wow pool has appeared!!!

Started by ybeetle, Aug 31, 2021, 10:59 PM

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Some people have used compiled exe to distribute mining software, which is used by a small number of people with a large number of machines.


It is obvious that large variations in hash power can only come from pools, no matter what they want to call it, the fork was supposed to be to decentralize and the opposite is happening. Hopefully they can do something to avoid these scenarios that take away good decentralization parameters from a currency that can have a very interesting future if it really is decentralized. What good is so much encryption, so many rings, so many tor and i2p, if decentralization is not guaranteed? Hopefully there is a code adjustment to really repel large pools but it will be a waste for the great future that this technology can have.


@ybeetle the bump in network hash comes with a rise in price. of course, there will be large bot nets coming online, but they are nowhere as large as the mega profit switching pools before the fork.

@h0dl3r what proof is there of "pools" besides speculation?


A pool can still be created (see xmrig-proxy) by giving each miner a new secret spend key.  This works well if you trust all of the miners, e.g. you want to run 1 wownerod at home and connect a few mining rigs to it.

It doesn't work so well for a public pool as a miner could potentially steal the block reward before the pool can fairly distribute it.


That doesn't preclude a botnet, though. It's doubtful that machine owners (i.e. victims) would take the time to extract the spend key from their own machines, since doing that would only net them the same as solo mining by themselves. Unlike pool miners, they don't get paid for the work of honest miners who let the pool distribute their block rewards.

And that assumes that the owners are savvy enough to do that--botnets flourish exactly where they aren't.


Yes botnets are certainly still mining Wownero :frowning:

Not a lot can be done about that.


Regarding the mining pool, I am not guessing but seeing that there is something to be done.
Of course, this is not a bad thing, it is still making money by computing power.


/s you level of altruism as a miner wow is insufficient, they say that there is no evidence that there is a large pool, maybe you lack altruism is making you think ideas without evidence lol