Started by 57belair55, Aug 01, 2020, 09:48 PM

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Hey everyone I'm fairly new to this entire crypto game but I'm not an idiot. I just bought Wownero through Tradeogre and then with drawled the amount into my wownero wallet... but the thing is my wallet balance is showing transaction history on my wownero wallet shows nothing.... my transaction on tradeogre shows successful.. I know for a fact I used the correct receiving address.  now with that being said its only been about half an hour since i made the with drawl and it said it was successful.



Firstly don't worry, so long as your seed phrase is written down your precious WOWs are safe. No matter what weirdness happens with wallet software :)

Which wallet program are you using? It should tell you if it's synced up or not. It needs to scan through all of the blocks to find all of the transactions to you, so if you've just made your wallet it can take a little while to catch up with the network.


Hi there,

I have now the exact issue. I see you wrote in August. How did you solve the problem?




Thanks, the second time it worked!


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