How To Mine Wownero With Xmrig Proxy

Started by jrswab, Jul 06, 2021, 04:56 PM

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Hello Wownerian Miner!

I have a question about using the Wownerod daemon in background mode.

I start wownerod on my Linux VM:
wownerod --start-mining xxx --spendkey xxx --log-file wownerod.log --detach

It starts the mining process in the background and works as a daemon for my xmrproxy.

But how can I tell the wownerod daemon in the background that it should no longer mine but only run as a daemon for xmr proxy in the background.

If it were running actively in the shell, I could always tell it to stop_mining.


First things first: It's not recommended to mine directly on the daemon. If you want to mine on the same machine, it's better to launch `xmrig` and point it at `localhost` with `"daemon": true`.

You can always stop the background process and re-launch it without the `--start-mining` flag.

Use `killall -2 wownerod`, or if that doesn't work, `ps ax|grep wownerod` to find the PID followed by `kill -2 THE_PID_YOU_FOUND`. Make sure you have enough privileges to run the `kill` commands.


If you don't want to stop the process, it's possible to send a command through the RPC port, which by default listens on `localhost:34568`.

You can send a command to stop mining by accessing `http://localhost:34568/stop_mining`, for example via curl:

    curl -i http://localhost:34568/stop_mining

This will tell you something like `{ "status": "OK" }`

If you got a 404 Not found instead, you may have a restricted RPC port. Be sure that you have not set the `--restricted-rpc` flag in the `wownerod` command.

Note that, currently, once you stop mining on the daemon, you can't start mining again without restarting `wownerod`.