Wownero mascot

Started by Kontvolkoren, Apr 19, 2021, 02:45 PM

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Wow has a mascot its the WOW BUNNY, have you seen it?


I vote a waifu, since that's what Monero has and it'd be easy enough to commission one. Or a cat so we can call it meownero.

Thinking about is some more, a cat-girl may work the best, combining both the Doge & waifu aesthetics. Allows for a greater range of art with a single mascot.


I did make meownero a couple days ago.


That's really cool, I love it!


What about Elon Musk dressed up in a Wario costume?  Maybe only on Blood Moons though since I'm guessing he's probably a pretty busy guy.  

Any other time, cats, moths, and bucketheads seem legit I suppose.


Speaking of which... **It's exactly 42 Days until the next Blood Moon!**  So excite!!!


Thanks to the recent update, I'd like to provide my take on the matter.
WOW is a meme coin for monero.
Hence why would we have to take the codes of Dogecoin? We're not the dogecoin of monero, dogecoin is the wownero of the surveillance coins...

HENCE, we could use the Monero-chan (with a wownero version) as a mascot or maybe take SuchWario (@Kontvolkoren idea's) or finally Walrus as @minerchord suggested.



Monerochan just sucks in a bunch of thirsty Coomers that drive away all the smart pussies.  I'm kinda thinking cats have a certain advantage if mainstreaming is the objective.