What about turn this into a new dev. proposal https://github.com/SChernykh/p2pool?

Started by h0dl3r, Sep 05, 2021, 09:56 PM

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Evidently the financing system for the proposed developments works, I think that a very interesting step could be to apply this solution to wow https://github.com/SChernykh/p2pool and in this way to recover all the small miner that have been hanked It has been dropped since the last fork, in addition to improving the decentralization of the chain without any place for doubts. I dont know how much is the amount of wow for a proposal within https://funding.wownero.com/proposals of this kind, but I believe that a good part of the community can support this tool since it would bring multiplicity of benefits to the community, and especially to achieve greater decentralization.


I think we need to wait until this is complete before we try to implement it into Wownero.


Yes it is true, it still lacks a simple and effective installation, the compilation of monerod that indicates the test page still generates many errors, I will have to test it on several devices until I find the hardware with which it runs effectively, for the moment the compilation it is not clean.


perfect, yes the best is to wait for its effectiveness to be proven and analyze the best way to implement it in wow, and thus also be able to make an idea of the development work that we will need to propose a sum of wow to be financed by the community accord to the required scope for its implementation.


How does our mining signature thingy work with multiple coinbase outputs?


it doesn't. only 1 coinbase output is allowed. if not, pools could more easily side step the whole sig thingy.


for now with xmr p2pool is working in a stable way, the time window is very variable but really efficient to mine with low hash power and mine without centralized pool and without fee & + chain decentralization