Syncing blockchain problem

Started by spinello13, Apr 03, 2023, 01:37 AM

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So I have zero technical skills. I havent logged into this account since I bought wownmero in may of 2021.. I log in and see a balance at the bottom. But up top it has a zero next to the wow. and zero is verified. it tries syncing the blockchain for hours then a large box appears saying it timed out or something, can someone assist me?


which wallet software are you using?


wowlet I have to check which version but not sure how


And now I deleted it from my Mac and the new version will not load .. just jkeep coming ups as an error


I'm not sure what the current situation with Macs is, but just as an effort to help out:

I know it may not be the easiest/simplest answer you would ever want to hear, but most of the software these guys release works best/first on Linux. I know you are self-described 0 tech skills, but if you *really* want to get into that wallet, I think the 30 minutes or so it will take to figure out how to put Ubuntu or Mint on a thumb drive and install it on an old computer may be worth your effort.

In the event that your Mac is an older mac it may eventually stop being able to receive new OS updates from Apple (planned obsolescence) and switching it over to Linux at some point may be your only way to keep really using the hardware (as software will eventually stop working on the older OS, which could be what's happening to you now, but I do not know.)

Sorry I can't help more with getting things running on your existing Mac, I don't have any around to test with.


I think there is an issue with the current compile for macos and linux, there are a few reports of it not opening. Using previous versions is not possible because of the hardfork so you will need to wait for the next release which might be a while(soon™).  Or if you need access now, exploring the command line wallet or Linux like @bardoyama suggested is probs your best option.