Known ring does not include the spent output

Started by crypto_23, Feb 18, 2023, 10:54 AM

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Hi folks, I need some assistance with my wowlet windows desktop wallet.
When I log into my wallet it says its synchronised and does not require an update. However, when I go to send my wow to tradeogre I get this error:

Error while creating transaction: Can't create transaction: Internal error: KNown ring does not inlude the spent output: 2295907

I have no idea how the heck to fix this but I have tried.

If I delete the wallet and desktop application and I reinstall it still knows the name of my wallet so I am not convinced it deleted the wallet from memory like it should when you wipe it as it never asks me to reinstall my wallet with the seed phrase.

ANY HELP fixing this issue would be wonderful!


I finally sorted by deleting it all but that was not simple either. All good sorry to have wasted anyone's time.