WOWMUD - a Wownero Text Game Faucet

Started by bardoyama, Jan 10, 2023, 11:50 PM

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Official mothership forum thread for the Wownero-centric multiplayer text adventure game known as WOWMUD. I was encouraged to crosspost this here for anyone who may not check the wow subreddit, but there is more detailed info over there about what this project is supposed to be: WOWMUD v. 0.02 - LABYRINTH is open : Wownero (

You can play the game with most telnet clients by connecting directly to In the NOT SUPER DISTANT future, I will make a website and a web client with some graphics. The game is currently fully unencrypted, so please keep that in mind when choosing a unique handle and password.

**What and why:**
WOWMUD is an evolving hobby indie game dev project that sometimes I get too excited about and talk about in an unmeasured manner that could be considered 'word vomit'. This is a revised version of my original post :)

Primary motivation of this project is becoming a better game designer and programmer. I posted about it on the wow subreddit many months ago and reception was positive, so it has become a Wownero-centric design slowly over time thanks to the help and support of the community. Thank you!

Weird design spaces that specifically interest my portion of the spectrum:
* Establishment of direct transferable value for in-game assets directly via game mechanics as opposed to 3rd party grey market (aka 'RMT' in MMORPG industry terms), and allowing players to trade those items, sell those items, and withdraw their 'dust' as WOWNERO at any point. Ideally automating the whole thing and putting it on the darkweb where no one can make it go away.

* Being playable always with the most basic of networking technology (telnet terminal)

* Figuring out how to make a game that runs in telnet be fun and something other than a traditional exposition-driven text RPG.

* Not worrying about client side cheaters because my client is an ascii terminal (this is REALLY important in my opinion when dealing with 'real money' and I think a lot of NFT projects are probably dropping the ball on this one.)

* Building what I think is a more 'authentic metaverse' than what the broader public probably imagines one to be right now. With the web client, if people can upload their own avatars as little PNGs I've pretty much got the whole recipe.

* Abusing procedural generation so that I can feel the sense of discovery and random chance that a regular player feels, making it as fun for me as possible while building it

About the code:
I am planning to pop up this current version of the game online somewhere this weekend. I am not a repository-using programmer, so the odds of me keeping things up to date are basically zero. However, I will make some efforts to put up major versions from time to time and I want to make this stuff available just in case anyone has an itch to play around with game development. The devs who work on Wow genuinely inspired me in this effort by creating and maintaining such bizarre tech. I like this part of the Internet. It feels very small, but I'm glad it exists.