[Bounty] Meme bots for social media

Started by JeffsQuest, Feb 09, 2022, 09:19 PM

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So suchwow.xyz is back but the bots are still offline.  So @bugbud and I got to talking and want to offer a full-spectrum bounty for replicating suchwow memes across all the dimensions.

We will offer 1000wow for every platform a bot is built for.  No experience necessary.. if it works it works.   Feel free to use other code if you can get it working for this.  The bot must be opensource, have instructions for use, and be added to wownero git.  Bonus points if you can run it yourself for a while.

The bot needs to post in image/media format and contain a subject or a comment crediting the memer with the payment address for tips as well as a link to the original post on suchwow.xyz.  Like a twitter-card kinda thing.  

Potential Platforms
* lemmy wow sub
* mastodon
* pleroma
* misskey
* raw activitypub
* name ur fediverse project
* tumblr
* twitter
* reddit wow sub
* discord
* telegram
* xmpp
* wordpress
* linkedin
* vk
* any major non-western platforms (qzone, weibo, qq, ok.ru, etc)

Post your bot here so it can be reviewed and tested.  Also interested in other ideas on how to help spread the wow meme :wink: :rocket:


Isn't there a bot for Discord already?


We have l33t memes now all we need is better distribution.

Creating incentives for sticker campaigns is something I would like to explore as well.


ahh cool!  I thought it might of been taken offline.  Bots that already exist and work can claim the bounty too, if the source is posted.




I'm the owner of this account. I have been running it for months now, sometimes offline because i was using another laptop. I can run it on my raspberry pi for 24/7 uptime perhaps. Source code is available.


Ran a quick test and it works great!  Thanks for posting :call_me_hand:

Please post a wow address for bounty :upside_down_face:


Here is my address:




Is it possible to assign the telegram bot to me as well? :)

I can probably do it this weekend or the next ;p

Edit: telegram bot is already available on Telegram


claim as many bounties as you want!

:flying_saucer: :alien: :flying_saucer:


I have made the WowneroChan Discord Bot.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of things she can do:

* Send memes from SuchWow with the creator name and their WOW address.
* Convert USD, BTC & XMR to WOW and vice versa.
* Display info on all the wowlets available.
* Detect certain phrases like "Hi WowneroChan".

WowneroChan source code

Link to add WowneroChan to your server

*Note:* I cannot promise she'll always be online as my PC is prone to boating accidents and I'm too poor to buy a Raspberry Pi.


1000 wow sent to @winstonsthiccbooty