Can't log into my wowlite wallet! Help!

Started by cushieee, Oct 11, 2020, 01:52 AM

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I can't log into my wowlite wallet. I type my login info & push open wallet then it tells me there is an error **proxy exception in refresh thread. blocked. I was able to log in yesterday and transfer funds. I have money in there so I need access to it. I am new to crypto so I don't know how to use codes or anything. Please help.


Hello! Did you happen to write down your seed phrase on a piece a paper or somewhere you can look at them? If so you can download the latest wallet at
You should be able to fully restore your wallet using your seed phrase! I hope this helps


Also if you have anymore questions, feel free to join our discord where we can help you out more.


wowlite gui is no longer being supported

you can try using the new feather wallet:


I am having the same issue today 11-21-2020 last log in aug 2020 down loaded the feather wallet recovered with seed but it show s nothing anyhow Thx


LOged back in working now thanks for the update


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