COMPETITION [ENDED]: Deposit WOW into your Stack Wallet for a chance to win

Started by wow4reedom, Oct 12, 2022, 08:20 PM

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Hello Wownero Community,
Did you know $WOW was recently added to the Stack Wallet - a self custody, privacy focussed mobile wallet?  (Learn more abt StackWallet - )

They're running a fun competition for the next 30 days.

All you need to do is these 3 things to be in the running for 200 DOGE:  
  • 1) Deposit a small amount of WOW in to your Stack Wallet
  • 2) Tweet about it
  • 3) Follow the Stack_Wallet Twitter account

Here's the official Tweet -

After all Wownero is the SECRET cousin of Doge right?

Don't you think it be great to see a bunch of the Wownero Community flooding the Stack Wallet twitter feed with a few deposits to promote the coolest "DOGE-inspired" privacy coin?

You never know, we may just recruit a handful of Doge coiners.

What do you think folks?
FYI @jwinterm @wowario @dsc @_xxfedexx @qvqc @orklemerkle


Hey @cyberblade ,  I hope you are enjoying the Stack Wallet's clean and easytouse Mobile User Interface.
Just FYI, this competition run by Stack Wallet finished ~10 days ago.  It only ran for 30 days.  

Since you are now following @StackWallet on Twitter, you'll be notified when they run another giveaway.