Wow Mining - what's the best hardware I can get for under $700

Started by mimosity, Sep 30, 2021, 12:38 PM

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Hello wow fanatics,

I'll get straight to the point, I know there's better ways to spend money I know there's a chip shortage, I know I won't make much using old/cheap hardware and all that jazz..

I just want to dip my toes and mine some wow. I understand I can pretty much get anything that would mine Monero and use that to mine WOW but since I'm looking to spend only a small bit of money I thought I'd come here and just ask yous. Is there anything you suggest I get for about $700? I'm not really trying to be profitable nor do I want to brag about being a miner I just thought it'd be a cool little project.

Let's assume I've got nothing apart from like a keyboard and a mouse and I need to buy everything else. Would yous be able to recommend the specific hardware?

Not looking to buy second hand as it's too much of a hassle so preferably anything I can get on Amazon.

Thanks everyone


You want a new-ish Ryzen processor (maybe the 3900X or 3950X) and some decent fast RAM.  Outside of that, nothing else really matters so long as the power supply and motherboard are capable of meeting the processor's power requirements.

To keep things cheap you could skip the case completely and just keep it in the open air.  You can use a graphics card to setup and then remove it once everything is working, or you could use something like Debian Preseed to install everything without ever plugging in a GPU/monitor/keyboard/mouse :slight_smile:


thanks a lot! I quickly checked and I reckon that would bring me over the budget but probably close enough to it anyways, thanks for the recommendation appreciate it!


This is probably out of your budget but this an example of some pretty decent ram (many would say this is overkill but this is what I run in my machines). This is 3200 mhz cl14

3000mhz cl15 ram linked below is probably a better bang for the buck I personally would not go with anything less than 3000mhz cl15 I bet it can be clocked to 3200 CL15.