YellWOWPages | Yellow Pages for Wownero!

Started by muchwowmining, Mar 13, 2022, 06:49 PM

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Hello Wowers,
I would like to present to you Yellow Pages for Wownero and it's community.
The site URL is and you can find the source code on as well.
YellWOWPages is basically a big directory of addresses connected to the centralized auth used by suchwow and other sites that are part of the Wownero's eco-system.
Every address is connected to a username for an easy search.

Hope you'll like it and use it as well.
Thanks to dsc_ for the refactor of my code.
Peace out


I made YellWOWPages integration inside wowlet;


So contacts are automatically synced from YellWOWPages to your contact book. Pretty handy feature. Will be included in next release.