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Started by lza_menace, Jan 10, 2022, 07:59 PM

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Sup chode strokers,

I built a new meme site. It's an iteration of the existing SuchWow site, but with a few new notable features.

* Approved memes get published onto IPFS and hosted from the site (you can pin/host them yourselves for redundancy)
* Memers can become "verified" and automatically post without moderation queue wait times
* Authentication is done via cryptographic signing via MetaMask browser wallet (no more email/password SSO)
* Memes can optionally be minted as ERC-721 tokens on Avalanche network.... (NFTs)
* Wownero tips are p2p, directly to you (no more custodial wallet)
* You can get tipped on-chain in AVAX or WOWX if meme is minted as ERC-721 token (I'll take a small cut, as well as whoever minted it)
* Server will support federation and can sync memes with other, remote servers and even Avalanche network

This new iteration takes Wownero memes to the next level. We can phase out our old centralized meme site ( and utilize a more #web3 version and further decentralize and branch out our content. This opens up room for experimentation as we now are operating across chains/projects and can even support different types of content (maybe different servers host different types of content).

I am looking for volunteers who wish to moderate their own copy of the software and host on their servers. Installation instructions can be found here:

Read more here:



does this mean we can crash Ethereum with our huge jpegs?


Noice! Interesting how you can also get tipped via smart contract after it's minted


No, but we can certainly try!


yes! the smart contract is there to track tips on-chain...I left the p2p option with WOW but kept it true to it's nature where donations are anonymous.