Implementing z-STARK in wownero

Started by ld9jtkwv, Nov 18, 2021, 03:26 PM

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ZK-STARK is currently not suitable for cryptocurrency, as its proof are much bigger than classic ZK-SNARK (it would require some kilobytes per transaction).
Monero's privacy is strong enough for a memecoin; Wownero hasn't got that many developers.
You might want to suggest this to Monero: it has much more developers working on it.


For Wownero, no. We will mirror the privacy stack of Monero.

Butttt... for the new token, it is possible to open a bounty to fork Tornado Cash have a Wownero-branded dApp for private transactions on the Avalanche network.


While not reading this forum I was reading more on ZK-STARK and it seemed to be too new to implement, I don't know of an coin which has implemented it, so I guess we will see what the verdict is a year or so after someone implements it. I do see search results going back to 2017 about it though, mentions of zcash and ethereum something or other.


Quote from: "wowario, post:3, topic:1019"We will mirror the privacy stack of Monero.

Very well said by @wowario !  

This is one of the main reason I like this project and the community so much. It has a very clear understanding on the base layer privacy code is, that being, Wownero leverages the awesomeness of Monero's code and will improve as XMR gets code improvements.

But Wownero does has some added benefits (just to name a few) :-
  • 1) It has a fun "Meme" factor
  • 2) Is one of the MOST inclusive POW coins to mine via Solo Mining
  • 3) Just like Bitcoin, there was no pre-mine
  • 4) Also like Bitcoin, it has a fixed supply.

... I'm sure there are many other reasons :smiley:  

Keep having fun Team Wownero, and keep on solo-mining!